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Newborn Photographer in Reno | Theo

Newborn Photographer in Reno | Theo


Oh my goodness. It has been over one year since I last did a blog post! Talk about being so incredibly behind. Life has been incredibly busy over here. In December we welcomed our fourth baby. We had a little girl and we named her Evee. My three boys love having a little girl in our house. The love to spoil their baby, and give her kisses and hugs every chance they can get. Evee is also starting to laugh and smile at everything they do, which means they are constantly trying to see who can make her smile or laugh the most. It gets a little crazy and very loud at times. I can’t wait to share her with you here!

First up is sweet little Theo. Theo was the first newborn session that I was able to shoot after being on maternity leave. I took an extra long leave before Evee joined our family. I love the time off with my kids, but I am also so happy to be back snuggling your babies and capturing these precious moments for you. Evee is our last baby, and having her really put into perspective how quickly our babies change, and how important it is to capture them. They grow and change before we even realize it.

Theo was such a sweet baby. He was happy to be cuddled, wrapped, posed, and basically anything that we wanted to do. All Theo asked from us was that he was kept warm, got some snuggles from his mom occasionally, and that he was kept nice and full. Theo’s parents wanted a few pictures done of older brother and he was a trooper. We were able to take a few pictures of just him and then a few of the brothers together. Sibling pictures can be very challenging at time, but all the extra effort is so worth it.

Morgan Mathews Photography | newborn photography in Reno | baby, milestone photography in Reno | baby and child photography in Reno

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Reno Nevada Photographer | The Frosted Cookiery

Reno Nevada Photographer | The Frosted Cookiery

Inspire Me Monday | The Frosted Cookiery

I love finding other women with the effort to strive hard for themselves by maintaining their beauty at Matthew Galumbeck, MD help and the Reno Nevada area that own and run their own businesses. It is so inspiring to me to see them doing what they love. Not only are these women doing what they love they are thriving at it too! I thought it would be a lot of fun to start doing a feature on some one the local entrepreneurs. First up is The Frosted Cookiery. She makes the cutest decorated sugar cookies. She actually made some adorable mini cookies for Jack’s baptism a few weeks ago. They were a hit!

How long have you been decorating and making cookies?
I started decorating cookies in November 2015. I made my first ever royal icing sugar cookies that October and they were a disaster. Haha then I tried again and make the little cookies that looked like pumpkin pie. They turned out cute so I thought I’d see if any of my friends want to buy them on Facebook. The response was overwhelming and it grew from there.

How long does it take you to make the cookies?
It’s quite the process to make the cookies. It takes few hours to even bake them. I have to make the dough, roll it out, refrigerate it, cut the cookies, put it in the freezer for 10 minutes and then finally bake it. Decorating depends on the amount of colors and the intricacy of the design. There’s a lot of juggling when decorating because you have to wait to continue to decorate the whole cookie. Sections have to dry before you can move on , or layers, etc. I’ll move from design to design while I’m waiting. I’d say an average order of a dozen cookies takes me an hour or 2… per dozen. If someone request gold or silver it’s hand painted on top of the dry icing so it takes a lot of extra time.

Which flavor is the most popular? ( cookies come in vanilla, chocolate, and lemon)
The flavor that is definitely the most popular is vanilla. It can be hard for me to juggle different flavors on a weekly basis so for custom orders it’s always subject to availability. For some of the holiday cookies I’ll pick a flavor and make them all the same so people can try them.

What has been your favorite design?
It is so hard to pick a favorite design. Sometimes the orders and designs that in dreading turn out to be some of my favorites. I love making baby cookies and anything girly because I’m a boy mama. I also love all the holiday cookies and anything school themed. It’s the teacher in me. 😉

Did you take classes or are you self taught?
I’m totally self taught. I learned from so many great cookiers on Instagram and asking them lots of questions. I googled stuff a lot and read blogs. The biggest thing with learning how to do it is just practice. The consistency of the icing is the most important factor and it’s hard to explain it and teach people. You just get the hang of it the more you do it. Plus there are sooo many factors that affect it. The humidity that day, the temp, it can super tempermental. The cookie world prays to the icing gods. Haha

Where do you find inspiration for your cookies?
I find inspiration everywhere. Clip art, out shopping, other cookiers, cookie cutter designers, Pinterest of course. That’s what I love about it. I’m never doing the same things.

You can find her Facebook page HERE
Below are some samples of her beautiful work! She also does special cookies for holidays, teacher appreciation, and other fun things!

Morgan Mathews Photography specializes in Newborn, Baby, Child, Maternity, Senior and Family Photography in Reno, Nevada and surrounding areas including but not limited to Carson City and Lake Tahoe.

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Reno Child Photographer | Aruke

Morgan Mathews Photography Reno Child Photographer | Aruke

Being a photographer in the Reno area is such a dream come true for me. I love being able to photograph these sweet babies and watch them grow. Aruke is one of the babies that I have been able to see grow. I started photographing Aruke when she was a newborn, and every year since then! It has been so much fun to see her grow and change. Aruke has come to see me at 2 of my three studios in Reno and Sparks which makes her a veteran. 🙂

She is a beautiful and smart little girl that teaches me a lot of things every time she comes. This session is from Arukes 3 year session and she was just precious! She coordinated all of her own outfits for this session and it was so much fun to see her personality bloom. I love 3 year olds. I feel like the know for sure what they like and do not like, and they understand that they will get a treat at the end of their session. Its so much fun!

These three photos were from the last set of Aruke’s session and they are my favorite. I love how soft and girlie they are. I also love Arukes sweet smile and that she was holding her heart for her dad. 🙂
Aruke picked this dress from my studio closet and the headband, and I think they suit her perfectly! I have a whole closet full of beautiful dresses, headbands, ties, and other goodies for your sessions. I love being able to dress up these sweet girls since I only have boys.



Morgan Mathews Photography Reno Child Photographer 001Morgan Mathews Photography Reno Child Photographer 002Morgan Mathews Photography Reno Child Photographer 003Aruke’s dress is from Cozette Couture


Morgan Mathews Photography specializes in Newborn, Baby, Child, Maternity, Senior and Family Photography in Reno, Nevada and surrounding areas including but not limited to Carson City and Lake Tahoe.


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Reno Newborn Photographer | Andrew

Reno Newborn Photographer | Andrew

Andrew’s mom was referred to me from a previous newborn client and friend. It is always such a huge compliment when my clients refer their friends and family to come and see me. Andrew was such a sweet newborn and loved to be cuddled. Andrew was the smallest newborn that I photographed in 2016 and one of the last! He was a good way to end my year. Andrew’s mom wanted to see browns and lots of neutral colors for his session. I love neutral colors and hadn’t had a boy in all neutrals for a few months, so it was so much fun. I was able to knit up so really cute blankets, and my mom made me some extra small hats that would fit this sweet little guy!

One of the things that I love about being a Reno Newborn Photographer is being able to provide my clients with custom sessions. I love being able to knit new things or have new items made so that their session is perfect for their family. I also love that their session will never look like any of my other sessions. Newborn sessions are so special and I feel like every single one should be a reflect of the family.


Morgan Mathews Photography| Reno Newborn Photograper 001

I love this hat from The Bookworm Crochet! I love the button and the extra long hat. It is so different and fun. If you would like to check out her shop click HEREMorgan Mathews Photography| Reno Newborn Photograper 002

Andrew’s parents brought a few props with them for their session. I love being able to help parent’s bring their ideas to life.
Morgan Mathews Photography| Reno Newborn Photograper 003
This is one of the smallest baskets I have and I have not been able to get a baby in it because it is so small and short. Andrew fit in the basket perfectly. Backdrop and flooring is from intuition backdrops. You can find her website HERE
Morgan Mathews Photography| Reno Newborn Photograper 004
Morgan Mathews Photography| Reno Newborn Photograper 005
This guy was ready to say hello!Morgan Mathews Photography| Reno Newborn Photograper 006

Mama and baby pictures are always my favorites! Morgan Mathews Photography| Reno Newborn Photograper 007

Morgan Mathews Photography specializes in Newborn, Baby, Child, Maternity, Senior and Family Photography in Reno, Nevada and surrounding areas including but not limited to Carson City and Lake Tahoe.

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Reno Newborn Photography | Hannah

Reno Newborn Photography | Hannah

Hannah was such a beautiful baby and so much fun to photograph. I loved her darling red hair and her sweet little button nose. Hannah had some of the best expressions I have ever seen from a newborn. She was flashing smiles, blowing bubbles, and let me know when she would rather not do something. I did not see her eyes until the very end of our session, but she would scowl at me from time to time. I can’t wait to see her again. I have a fell that Hannah is going to be full of personality!

I love that Hannah’s mom went with some nontraditional colors for Hannah’s newborn portraits. I love a soft pale blue for baby girls and rarely get request for it. It fit Hannah so well and complimented her beautiful red hair.

When I first started my career in photography I dabbled in every genre I could. I wanted to make sure that I found the place that I belonged in the photography world. During my journey I became friends with a photographer in Utah name Skye Johansen. (If you do not know who she is click HERE. She is amazing!) She takes pictures of newborns, babies, and kids. We went on a trip to Utah and she photographed my oldest who was 18 months at the time. When I got those photos back from her I was so in love I knew that is the direction I needed to go. I wanted every mom to be able to be as happy as I was at that time. I wanted every mom to have beautiful pictures of their newborns, babies, and children in their home. I didn’t want anyone to settle for school pictures. I searched in my town for someone that took pictures like she did and I couldn’t find anyone… and so began my ever evolving journey towards Reno Newborn photography. Of course the industry has changed in the last 7 years and there are so many amazing photographers in Reno. It is so fun to see all the beautiful work the creatives in Reno are making. And that so many mom are able to have works of art made of their sweet families.


I love this dainty and delicate pink lace romper. I got it from The Bookworm Crochet. You can find her etsy shop HERE. morgan-mathews-photography-reno-newborn-photography-003morgan-mathews-photography-reno-newborn-photography-004morgan-mathews-photography-reno-newborn-photography-005morgan-mathews-photography-reno-newborn-photography-006

Morgan Mathews Photography specializes in Newborn, Baby, Child, Maternity, Senior and Family Photography in Reno, Nevada and surrounding areas including but not limited to Carson City and Lake Tahoe.

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