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Having a photo session for your newborn or baby can be overwhelming! There are so many thoughts and concerns that go through everyone’s minds when their session date is approaching.

I hope my baby does well! I hope we get the best pictures! I hope its worth the cost! What do I bring?

I am here to help you to prepare for your session and try to alleviate some of those fears that you might have! I personally know how stressful photo sessions can be. Yes, I am a photographer and have little snippets of time that I can squeeze pictures in of my kiddos, but I also get our family pictures done every year….so I get it!

Here are a few tips and tricks to set us up for success for your session.



The newborn window is pretty slim and they start to change and grow before you know it! I like to get newborns in before they turn 2 weeks old. Once they get older they tend to be more awake, are disturbed more easily, and can possibly develop colic and/or baby acne around this time which is why its so important to book your session while you are still pregnant. I always try to fit newborns in, but it is not always possible.

To prepare for your newborn session it is best to keep your baby awake for an hour before your session. I know this can be difficult! A great way to keep them awake is to give them a bath. Before you leave to come to my studio, feed your baby and dress them in either a zip down or button down outfit. It is helpful if we do not have to pull anything over their heads and risk waking a sleeping baby.

If you are nursing your baby please try to not consume any caffeine for a few days before your session. I know that it is exhausting to have a new baby, but I have seen a huge difference in babies that have been exposed to caffeine through breast milk and those that haven’t.

– Diapers
– Wipes
– Any special props (please let me know ahead of time so I can make plans for them in my workflow)
– A neutral outfit if you are planning on doing parent poses

…and thats it! As long as your baby is fed, I take care of the rest. You get to sit back, relax, watch TV, and enjoy your session.




Milestone and child sessions are so much fun! What are milestone sessions? Milestone sessions are sessions that document those big accomplishments in the first year. Typically, we do a sitter session and then a 1 year session. You can also do a cake smash along with your 1 year session if you would like. Cake smashes are so much fun. It helps to take the pressure off at their birthday party to take all the pictures of them enjoying (or not enjoying) their first cake. It makes it so that you can sit and be present and enjoy your baby’s first birthday, and that is a big deal!

If I can only do one milestone session which one should I choose? That’s such a hard question! I personally would pick doing a full sitter session and then a petite cake smash. Sitter sessions are so much fun. They smile a ton, have developed their little personalities, and most of the time stranger danger hasn’t set in yet. 1 year sessions are so fun because they are full of personality, can stand, but most of the time they also have stranger danger and we aren’t as able to get the variety that we get with a sitter session.

– Bring as many outfits as you would like. (I can help you narrow down which ones you would like for the session and which ones will go the best with the backdrops you have been wanting.)
– A snack
– A clear drink
– Diapers
– Wipes for their face and nose
– A cake and decorations if you are doing a cake smash. (I can decorate for you and order the cake for a small fee.)
– A neutral shirt for you if you would like some mommy & me photos with your baby (which I always encourage).




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Any other questions leave them in the comments and I will answer them and add it to the blog!


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