Reno Nv Newborn Pictures| My Evee

When you are a newborn photographer I don’t think there is anything more exciting or more stressful than takin pictures of your new baby. I always have these huge ideas and expectations. With my previous babies I was able to take pictures of them every day. I would do different set ups and take these pictures that I just loved. While I was pregnant with Evee I had this feeling that something was going to be much different with her.

I have a sweet friend, Kristen Mackay with Son Kissed Photography. I mentored with her back in 2012, and she said she would come out from Oklahoma to to pictures of Evee for me. Evee came 5 weeks early. My recovery was not an easy or a good one, and I was so relieved that the weight of capturing this precious time of my very last baby was not on me.

Going through the experience of having my own baby photographed taught me so much about my business and how I want you to walk away from your session. It was such an amazing experience to be on the other end.

Reno Nevada Newborn Pictures
This picture I took myself when Evee was a few weeks old. I thought it would be little weird to post pictures of my baby that I didn’t take myself. I didn’t want anyone to think the pictures Kristen took I did.