The best Reno Newborn Photographer | Expertise

Last week, I was sorting my laundry, trying to get my kids set up on all their millions of zoom meetings, and chasing my toddler around the house when my phone rang. To my surprise it was someone that worked for expertise. Expertise is a website that looks at different categories in your city and based off of certain criteria will rank businesses as being the best in an area.

The man on the phone had called me to let me know that I am listed on the expertise website as one of six for The Best Reno Newborn Photographer category. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. This would be my fourth year of being on the expertise website as part of The Best Reno Newborn Photographer group.

My friend laughed at me when I told her how surprised I was that I made it on the list. “With being on the list three years why not four,” she asked me. Truly, I never expect to be on the list of The Best Reno Newborn Photographer.

When I am shooting a session I don’t think to myself, ” I have to do this session perfect, blog it, share it, and so on so I can make it on a list online.” I think I want this to be the best session for my clients. I want them to have images they will love forever.

I couldn’t be happier…

With all that being said, I honestly couldn’t be happier and more honored to be featured on expertise. Its more than I could have dreamed of. When I started my business 8 years ago I remember sitting in bed with my husband and telling him I wanted to be the best newborn photographer in Reno. As time went on I forgot I had even said it. Its funny what you remember when things actually happen.

To check out the website where I am featured you can click HERE. Things have been crazy, and I need to submit a few things to have updated so no judging. I will leave you with a few darling images that I have recently created. Have the best weekend.