Emmett Idaho Newborn Photography | Theo

Being an Emmett Idaho newborn photographer is the best job in the world! I have missed you all so much! One of the things I love about being a newborn photographer in Emmett Idaho is the flexibility it gives me to do what I love and also be a mom.

Oh my goodness. It has been over one year since I last did a blog post! Talk about being so incredibly behind. Life has been incredibly busy over here. In December we welcomed our fourth baby. We had a little girl and we named her Evee. My three boys love having a little girl in our house. The love to spoil their newborn baby, and give her kisses and hugs every chance they can get. Evee is also starting to laugh and smile at everything they do, which means they are constantly trying to see who can make her smile or laugh the most. It gets a little crazy and very loud at times. I can’t wait to share her with you here!

First up is sweet little Theo. Theo was the first Emmett Idaho newborn session that I was able to shoot after being on maternity leave. I took an extra long leave before Evee joined our family. I love the time off with my kids, but I am also so happy to be back snuggling your newborn babies and capturing these precious moments for you. Evee is our last baby, and having her really put into perspective how quickly our babies change, and how important it is to capture them. They grow and change before we even realize it.

Theo was such a sweet baby. He was happy to be cuddled, wrapped, posed, and basically anything that we wanted to do. All Theo asked from us was that he was kept warm, got some snuggles from his mom occasionally, and that he was kept nice and full. Theo’s parents wanted a few pictures done of older brother and he was a trooper. We were able to take a few pictures of just him and then a few of the brothers together. Sibling pictures can be very challenging at time, but all the extra effort is so worth it. Having a picture of brother and his newborn baby brother is just the best.

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