Happy first Monday of the new year! If you have sent your kids back to school, congratulations and good luck. The second half of the school year always seem so much harder than the first. The new feeling has worn off. My kids basically live for the next break, and we all try and survive the projects. What I am in search of is healthy snacks! I am just a lonely Boise Id photographer searching for healthy snacks for my kids. Send help.

While reevaluating our 2019, and trying to find way to do and be better. We realized how horrible our kids’ immune systems are. Evee started preschool in September. From September to December our children had the following illnesses. Are you ready for this very impressive and depressing list? They had the stomach flu, strep, colds, hand foot and mouth, influenza, another stomach flu, a viral cold (Evee needed breathing treatments), Carter had an abscessed tooth, and that all that I can remember.

Our children literally were sick every other week. I am not exaggerating or being crazy. Every other week. Thankfully my sessions always lined up during their not sick times. I was incredibly lucky that way! We decided to search for ways to help out their immune systems. Because, to be honest, I can not handle our kids being sick that much. I will end up in a closet crying to myself. It is seriously so exhausting for everyone.

Many things were suggested to us by our doctors. We are slowly implementing them. All of them are basic that we all know to do, supplements, drink water, wash hands, wash bedding weekly, and the hardest one for us is to limit the amount of sugar and processed foods our kids eat. I’m don’t know how your kids are, but mine love all the processed things.

During busy season, I get lazy and let my kids eat way too many things that should only be eaten sparingly. The other day Evee was crying that I wouldn’t let her eat ice cream for breakfast. Yikes, talk about a wake up call. I’m not sharing any of these cringe worthy details for any reasons other than we all try our best. Then there are times when we need to make our best better. I know we can and should do better and so here we go!

I know this has nothing to do with Boise Id photography and might be a little strange that I am showing healthy snacks. With that being said I have been really thinking about my business and what I want for it. And I would love for my little space on the internet to be all about Boise photography as well has helping out my fellow Boise moms. We are all in the same amazing and difficult season of life. Tips, tricks, and support can only make it better!

Onto the first healthy snack that has been successful! So when I say no sugar we are talking white processed gross sugar. Natural sugar such a raw honey or Maple syrup are a go for us. My sister recommended this amazing granola recipe to us! Its full of cinnamon, has just the right amount of sweetness, and the best part is easy and quick to make. My kids have been eating it for a snack occasionally or for breakfast.

Another thing I love about this recipe is you can change it to fit the different preferences of your family. The recipe calls for sunflower seeds. My kids do not love sunflower seeds so I add extra sliced almonds and pecans. Easy! I really wish I could take credit for this gem of a recipe, but I can’t. Its actually on all recipes. If you click HERE it will take you right to it.

I want to know, what are your favorite snacks for kids? We are incorporating more whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, but we are also want to have things like this granola available. What do your kiddos love? Let me know if you try this recipe and if you like it!


healthy and delicious granola
healthy snacks for kids with no processed sugar


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