Boise Cake Smash Photography in Boise, Idaho. Oh my goodness! I have so many amazing sessions to share with you. Running a business can get so busy with shooting, editing, and social media that I forget to make time to blog. I really need to get better at blogging. I makes me so happy to get on here and share all of these cute babies. The last few sessions that have been shared here have been mostly newborns. Let’s change it up and share this adorable cake smash session.

It is so weird that all the newborns that I did sessions for are now turning one. I feel like the last 12 months have gone so quickly, but has also gone so slow. It feels like a bizarre time wrap. These babies are making the whole situation so much better for me. Their sweet smiles, and darling newness brings so much joy. Thank you to everyone that has shared their babies with me.

Kason Cake Smash

Now that I have gushed about all of my amazing clients; let’s get to this cake smash session. Several years ago cake smash photography wasn’t really a thing. I also feel like Boise, Idaho is up to date on the trends. I have several friends that are photographers in different states and there have been times where I have wanted to bring what they are creating here to Idaho. I love watching what other photographers in other states are doing. I love being able to create these amazing themes and ideas for my darling Idaho clients. 

One of the reasons that I love cake smash photography is that parents really get to enjoy watching their babies and the experience. When you have a first birthday you are so concerned about getting the pictures, making sure everything is going well, making sure the people attending are happy, and so many other factors. Booking a session that focuses on cake smash photography is great; you get to sit and watch your baby. You get to enjoy and be in the moment. No worrying about anyone other than your baby and what is going on right then. It makes me so happy to watch the joy and happiness these sessions bring to moms and dads.

His expression in this picture is my favorite! This is one of my favorite backdrops from intuition. Click HERE to see it on their website.

I would love to create a cake smash session for you and your baby. Click HERE to fill out the contact form.



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