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Happy 2020 sweet friends and fellow blog readers. I hope this blog post finds you with a renewed hope and joy for life. I know the start of a new year always ignites something in me to do better and to hope for more.

Thank you so much to all of the incredible families that trusted me with your precious newborns and children. I do not take the significance of my job lightly. Sometimes the weight of creating the perfect image that you are dreaming of weighs on me. There have been many nights were my mind will not rest until I can accurately see in my mind how I can create something memorable and perfect.

When I started my career into newborn photography, I told my husband I was going to be the Skye Johansen of Boise Idaho. I wanted to be the premier newborn photographer of Boise Idaho. When I think of that now I can only laugh at myself. Do you know who Skye Johansen is? If not she is a dear friend of mine that is an incredibly talented newborn photographer in Utah. She has recently retired which was devastating to me. She still posts on her facebook page from time to time. You can find her HERE if you click on the link.

The day that Skye announced that she was retiring from newborn photography I honestly didn’t understand how anyone would want to. I love photography and even more I love newborn photography. That was several years ago. This year has been incredibly stressful and hard for me and I truly thought that I would retire in 2019. I had very little intention of continuing on.

The photography industry has changed so much since I first started 8 years ago. I have changed along with the fact that I now have four young children. Frustration and failure seemed to meet me in every part of my personal life and in my business.

USBs weren’t being sent out or I taking longer to edit, and my blog has been very neglected. All of the things were piling up and I was feeling overwhelmed. Competition in the Boise area has also grown, which has been a huge stress for me. I was loosing myself to the constant struggle and I was ready to call it quits.

Just when I was ready to throw in the towel, a darling friend of mine reminded me that everyone has a hard life. No one has things easy even if they make it seem like it. Left with her wisdom, I really had to dive in deep and decide if I still loved photography. After a few months of serious self reflection I decided that I do still love photography and love newborn photography. With that being said, there are some changes that are being made in 2020 to help keep everything flowing and going the way that it should.

All of the changes for 2020 are going to be amazing. They are going to make your experience so much better. It will help me stay on track with each of my clients. I am so excited for the new year and all the darling families that will be welcoming new babies, celebrating a milestone, or planning a cake smash for their one year olds.

Happy 2020 friends. Here is to a new decade, reaching new goals, being true to ourselves, providing the best experience for my clients, and so much more. Most of all here is to working on becoming the premiere newborn photographer of Boise, Idaho.

Morgan Mathews is the premier newborn photographer in reno nevada
Of course I needed to include a picture of my sweet Evee.

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