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December 27, 2017 we welcomed our fourth and last baby into our family. Our boys were beyond excited that they were finally going to get a baby sister. Evee’s due date was the end of January. She was born five weeks early and was very small. She weighed five pounds five ounces and was seventeen inches long. This was a great size for being so early and we we’re so happy that Evee didn’t have to spend any time in the NICU. She passed all of her tests with flying colors and we brought our little bit home with us when I was discharged from the hospital.

Having a preemie newborn was very different than my other babies. All of my babies had been early and I thought I knew what to expect, but the boys had not been preemies. Evee was the sweetest newborn and had to be kept on a strict eating schedule. If I didn’t wake her up to eat she would sleep. It was like she thought she was still in the womb. Evee’s favorite thing was being held skin to skin or being held very tight. Evee spent the first few months of her life being held skin to skin. Everyone in our family participated, and it was a great experience for everyone. I was extremely lucky, and Evee was born during our three week winter break. We had a lot of time to adjust and love on her. Once school started again things started to get a little more difficult. We had appointments to keep and a sweet newborn baby that wanted to be held skin to skin all the time. I would have loved to sit at home and hold her all day long, but life happens and I needed to find a way to give her what she needed and still keep up with my boys.

I looked at all the baby wraps and carriers on the market and found Solly Baby Wraps.  I quickly purchased one, and I am so incredibly happy I did. My Solly wrap was one of the best things I bought for Evee at that time. I was able to carry her around super tight like she wanted and still do all the things I needed to in order for our family to function. I loved having her so close and being able to kiss her sweet head and rub her tiny back while getting a few thing done. Another huge plus for me was I was able to take her out in public without people touching her. She was born right in the middle of  the worst flu seasons and I had horrible anxiety that she was going to get sick. If I could have sat at home until spring time I would have! But, again life has to continue and you have to find a way to get all the things done and keep your baby safe. When I would go out I would immediately put her in the wrap and pull it up as far as I could (safety) and everyone would leave her alone! Win win!

Evee just turned 6 months old and she still likes to be carried in her wrap, especially when she is tired and wants to snuggle with me. We are starting to move to a forward facing carrier since she wants to see everything and anything!

Here are my top favorite things about the Solly Wrap:
Once you figure it out it is easy to use. They send you a booklet and there are videos on their site to help you. I thought I would never get it, but I did! If I can do it you can too! Promise.
doesn’t hurt your back
great for preemie or colicky babies
Can be worn for extended amounts of time. (one time I wore it all day long! I was a little sore but not painful)skin to skin with a newborn Reno Nv

Here she is at 2 months and still wanting to lay her face skin to skin.

Reno Newborn Photographer wearing Solly Wrap


baby wearing Reno Nevada


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