Meridian Idaho 6 Month Session | Sweet Siblings

One of the most request sessions I get is for 6 month sessions. Six months is such a magical milestone for your baby. They are smiling, laughing, have the cutest gummy smile, and are beyond darling. The hardest part is not every baby is sitting on their own when they are 6 months old. I recommend doing the 6 month session when your baby can sit up unassisted. I have no started calling these sessions sitter sessions instead of 6 month sessions.

Why wait?

There are a few reasons why I recommend waiting until your baby can fully sit up on their own. The first is safety. I don’t love the idea of propping up a 6 month old and then hoping they stay there. A lot of the times they can fall over and they end up crying and then the session is kind of over at that point. Some babies can recover and be okay, but a lot can’t. I also don’t like the idea that they could hit their heads, or bang their faces. Six month olds are top heavy and will fall right on their faces and I want your babies to be safe at all times.

Another reason is giving you the most amount of variety as possible. If are coming in for a 6 month session I want to be able to give you the most amount of variety of backdrops, props, and outfits that we can. When babies are unable to sit up on their own it really limits what we can do during the session.

The last reason is that babies get exhausted if they are trying to hold themselves up and they don’t have the muscle strength built up yet. This leads to not as many pictures, over tiredness, overstimulation, and one sad baby. I don’t like babies to leave the studio absolutely exhausted, and moms frazzled and feeling their 6 month session was a bust. Moms should leave feeling happy and confident that they will love the images we created.

Jett and B

These two were the most precious siblings ever. The love she has for her little brother is beyond adorable. I actually took pictures of B when she was two years old. It was a treat to see her again. She has grown up so much and is such a kind and amazing girl. Jett was the most precious little baby boy. His smiles could just melt you!.

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