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Being able to photograph newborns is the best job in the world. Every session is unique and special. The greatest compliment is when parents either come back for a milestone or when they bring in the next newborn baby for a session. It’s so fun to be able to see newborns grow and then to see them as toddlers with their new siblings.

Sibling pictures in Meridian Idaho

Let’s talk about sibling pictures for a second. When I had my own babies one of the most important pictures for me were the sibling pictures. There is something magical about seeing these amazing tiny people that are your whole world in one picture together. Are these pictures difficult to get? Honestly, sometimes they are extremely hard other times they are a piece of cake.

One of the key elements that has helped me so much get those sibling pictures is realizing it is all about the older sibling. Being able to read where they are at and what they are comfortable with is a game changer. Making it as easy and as possible on the toddler will also allow me to get them to do a few set ups with their new baby. This gives you variety, which I love.

Newborn Baby Archer

Baby Archer and his family were an absolute dream! I was fortunate enough to take pictures of his older sister a few years ago. It was so amazing to this this family as a family of four. They were absolutely precious. Mom had one request, she really wanted just one picture of her two babies together.

There was only one small hurdle we needed to address. Older sister was not a fan of her new baby brother. She didn’t like to touch him at all. We had to get creative but we made it happen. Baby Archer got swaddled up nice and tight with a wrap from Sunshine Baby Props. A pillow from Pooks and Lulu was placed one the ground to make sure he was nice and comfortable.

From there we were able to convince sister to just sit behind him. We made those pictures all about her. I didn’t mention her brother at all until I knew we had some darling pictures of them together. From there I was able to ask her to look at him and she even placed her hand on him which was a big deal! I loved that it ended up being so natural and just what mom wanted.

These cheeks and the perfect bucket from Hello Little Props

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