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Being able to do baby photography for babies in Star Idaho is one of my favorite things. When the Corona Virus started I was really concerned if newborn sessions were going to be something of the past. My number one concern for these sweet newborns is always their safety and their health. With all of the information that was coming out I couldn’t see how newborn or baby photography would continue.

As more information have come out I was more than thrilled to know that we were able to safely continue with newborn sessions. I have had several people reach out to me and ask what is going to be different for newborn and baby sessions. Here I am to address all precautions being taken! If you have any additional questions for me please email me and I can continue to update this post.

There are several areas that I would like to look at for precautions that are happening for your newborn sessions. The first being cleaning and sanitizing of my photography studio.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures

Morgan Mathews Photography is a residential studio. My studio is cleaned top to bottom before and after every session. Every prop that is used is cleaned, every backdrop is washed, and every surface is wiped down. The headbands, hats, and other props that are used are placed in a bag and are not used again until the following week.

Once you enter the studio, I am asking that each person washes their hands. I always wash my hand before the session, and use hand sanitizer multiple times during the session. I am also asking that immediate family only comes to the studio. Props from home are not allowed at this time until we know more about the corona virus.

We know that face masks can help with the transmission of corona virus. I am in close proximity to your baby, so I will wear a mask for the newborn session. I will not wear a mask for milestones, as I need your baby to respond to me for smiles. Because of this, I will need extra help from parents during milestone session to ensure safety and placing baby onto the sets. You are not required to wear a mask.

I wanted to share my first newborn session with you. It brought me so much joy to be able to create this session. I hope it can bring a smile to each person that views them. I think right now and during this time we could all use a little happiness.

newborn pictures in Sparks, Nevada
Sparks, Nevada newborn images with baby smiling
Reno, Nevada newborn with sibling pictures
Reno, Nevada newborn and family pictures
posed newborn pictures in reno Nevada with headband
newborn session with a cream and neural palette in Reno, Nevada

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