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When should you have a milestone session done?

There is some confusion on when you should have a milestone session done for your baby. A lot of people look at ages, which is what defined milestone sessions when we were kids. With the change of times and photography the idea behind milestone sessions has changed as well! When people ask me what the schedule is for the first year my suggestion is a newborn session, a sitter session, and then the one year session with a cake smash.

Newborn Sessions in Treasure Valley

Newborn sessions should be done when your baby is around two weeks of age. This age is the best because mom and baby have started the bonding and healing process and have started to get into a rhythm together. Another reason why this age is preferred is that baby is still very sleepy and loves to be wrapped and molded into different poses. Being a baby photographer in Reno, Nevada; I try to make this session as easy as possible for you. I have the studio full of baby outfits, accessories, and props. All you need to worry about is bringing you, your baby, and a way to feed them.

Sitter Sessions in Treasure Valley

This can be the most confusing session to plan for parents. Most parents want to do sessions when their baby is six months old. It is such a big milestone as they are half way to their first birthday. My first question is always, “Can your baby sit up on their own for a longer period of time?”
When I ask this question I am not trying to deny a session or crush a parent’s plans or dreams for their photo session. My goal is to give you the best session.

One of the best ways to make sure we get the best milestone session is to make sure your baby is sitting. When your baby is able to sit up on their own, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to us! There are so many more props and set ups that we can use. The variety we are able to achieve is 100 times that if they are unable to sit up. You will be so much happier with your session if you just hold on a little while until they can sit up. I don’t feel that I am doing my job as a baby photographer if I am not setting you up for the best session.

Cake Smash Sessions in Treasure Valley

What can I say about a cake smash session? They are so incredibly fun. I love every part of the cake smashes. One of my goals as a Reno, Nevada baby photographer, is to make the cake smash session easy! In your cake smash the cake and the set up in included. Together we plan out the session. We look at themes, color palettes, and everything in between. I love when parents can show up with their baby, everything is done for them, and they get to enjoy the moment.


Oh Miss Claire was just hilarious. We decided to do a quick photoshoot when her family was over at house for dinner. She loved that little metal bench and didn’t want to sit on anything else. She loves her mom and was so sad when she tried to leave the studio to help her sister. I can’t wait until we do her cake smash. She is a gem.

She was getting pretty tired of me taking her pictures.


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